15 Medium Length Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women in 2024

Woman showcasing stylish medium length hairstyles and haircuts for 2024.


In 2024, medium-length haircuts & hairstyles for women in 2024 continue to reign as a popular choice among women. This versatile hair length strikes a balance between shorter and longer styles, appealing to a wide range of preferences and current trends. Medium-length haircuts are highly prized for their convenience and their ability to complement diverse face shapes and hair textures.

This year, the allure of medium-length hairstyles & Haircuts lies in the abundant variety of styles available. Women are increasingly gravitating towards styles that enhance their natural features while offering versatility for everyday styling, establishing medium-length haircuts as a resilient and adaptable choice in the realm of hair fashion.

1. Blunt Cut with Subtle Layers

Woman with blunt cut hairstyle featuring subtle layers.

The blunt cut with subtle layers gives hair a sleek and polished appearance. This medium length haircut is perfect for women with straight or slightly wavy hair, adding movement and texture without compromising the clean lines of the blunt cut.

2. Textured Lob medium length hairstyles

Textured lob hairstyle with layers for medium length hairstyles.

The textured lob enhances the hair’s perimeters, making it ideal for those with fine to medium hair. Medium length hairstyles for women like the textured bob can be left alone without much styling, using sea salt spray to achieve a textured look.

3. Medium Length Shag haircuts
Woman showcasing a trendy medium length shag haircut with layered, textured ends.

The medium length haircuts  shag features long, choppy layers and feathery bangs. This rugged, beautiful style suits all hair types and can achieve a messy rock-and-roll look with texturizing spray. It’s one of the most fun medium  hairstyles.

4. Classic Bob medium length hairstyles

Classic bob hairstyle for medium length hair, featuring sleek lines and timeless elegance.

A classic bob that grazes the shoulders is sophisticated and versatile, suitable for straight, wavy, or curly hair. This easy medium haircut is flattering for most face shapes and simple to style and maintain.

5. Layered Medium Length Haircuts

Layered medium length haircut showcasing textured layers for modern style.

Layers add body to medium hair length cuts and work for all hair types—thin, normal, and dense. This cut incorporates soft layers around the face to enhance your look, making it one of the best hairstyles for Length Hairstyles & Haircuts.

6. Asymmetrical Lob medium length hairstyles

Asymmetrical lob hairstyle with a modern twist for medium length hair.

The asymmetrical lob features one side cut slightly longer than the other, providing an interesting and dynamic look. This style works well on straight or wavy hair, making it a trendy medium size hair option.

7. Medium Length with Curtain Bangs haircuts

Medium length hairstyle featuring stylish curtain bangs for a trendy look.

Curtain bangs blend easily with the rest of the hair and are perfect for those who want to try bangs without a permanent cut. This retro-chic look is ideal for 2024 and one of the cutest medium length hairstyles.

8. Wavy Medium Length haircuts

Woman with wavy medium length haircut, showcasing natural beachy waves.

Naturally wavy or curly hair easily achieves this look. A bit of mousse or curl cream helps support the curls throughout the day, making it one of the most easy to style medium length hairstyles.

9. Medium Length with Face-Framing Layers

Woman with medium-length hair styled in face-framing layers, showcasing a trendy and versatile haircut that enhances facial features and adds volume and movement to the hair.

Face-framing layers enhance certain facial features like cheekbones or jaws. This style is easy to maintain and compatible with various styling techniques, making it a low maintenance medium length hairstyle.

10. Inverted Bob Medium Length haircuts

Woman with a medium-length inverted bob haircut, featuring shorter layers at the back and longer layers in the front for a stylish, modern look that adds volume and suits all face shapes

The inverted bob is shorter at the back and gradually grows longer at the front, forming a nice shape that adds fullness to thin hair. This cut is among the stylish shoulder length womens haircuts.

11. Choppy  medium length hairstyle

Uneven layers add volume and a fashionable, spiky look. Use a little wax or pomade to enhance the layering and give a sharp outlook, making it a medium sized haircut that’s fun and trendy.

12. Medium Length with Balayage hairstyles

Medium Length with Balayage hairstyles


Balayage adds dimension and depth to a medium Length Hairstyles & Haircuts with a natural, sun-kissed effect. This style medium length haircut grows out beautifully and requires minimal upkeep.

13. Straight Medium Length haircuts

A straight medium length hairstyles is classy and low maintenance. Use a flat iron for a super straight look or a round brush for volume. It’s one of the easy care medium length hairstyles.

14. Medium-Length with Soft Curls

In Medium Length Hairstyles & Haircuts, Soft curls bring a romantic and feminine feel to medium hair. Use a large barrel curling iron or hot rollers for beautiful, loose curls that last all day. This style is perfect for medium hair length cuts.

15. Medium Length with Highlights haircuts

Highlights brightenMedium Length Hairstyles & Haircuts and add dimension and interest. Choose subtle baby lights or bold, chunky highlights to refresh your look. This is an easy to style medium length haircut that’s both trendy and low maintenance.

Styling Tips

Use the Right Products

Hair Care Tips Based on Hair Type

  • Fine Hair: Enhance thickness with volumizing products.
  • Thick Hair: Reduce frizz with smoothing serums or creams.
  • Curly or Wavy Hair: Define natural texture using curl cream or sea salt spray.

Blow-Drying Techniques

  • Volume Boost: Blow-dry upside down to lift roots for added volume.
  • Achieving Sleekness: Use a paddle brush and blow dryer with a nozzle close to hair.
  • Enhancing Waves: Utilize a diffuser attachment and gently scrunch hair while blow-drying.
Curling and Straightening

Curling: Use a large barrel curling iron for soft curls.
Straightening: Use a flat iron from roots to tips, and always apply a heat protectant spray.

Updos and Braids

Easy Updos: Try a messy bun, low chignon, or half-up, half-down style.
Braids: Incorporate braids for extra appeal, such as side braids or braid crowns.

Maintenance Tips

Regular Trims

Get a haircut every 6-8 weeks to maintain your style and prevent split ends.

Deep Conditioning

Use a deep conditioner weekly to maintain moisture, especially if you heat style or color your hair.

Minimize Heat Damage

Limit heat styling and always use a heat protectant spray.

Proper Washing

Frequency: Wash hair 2-3 times a week to avoid stripping natural oils.
Shampoo and Conditioner: Choose products based on your hair type for the best results.

Night Protection

Use a silk or satin pillowcase to prevent frizz and breakage, or wrap your hair in a silk scarf.


Medium shoulder-length hair offers versatile styling options and suits various face shapes and hair textures. Whether you prefer a classic, chic, or modern look, these styles will keep you trendy and stylish in 2024. Choose from these low maintenance shoulder length hairstyles to find your perfect look.

FAQs About Medium Length Haircuts on Women in 2024

What is the trending medium-length haircut for women in 2024?

The Textured Lob with soft layers and curtain bangs is the top trend for 2024.

Does medium-length hair make you look younger?

Yes, medium-length hair can make you look younger by adding volume and a modern touch.

What is the best haircut for shoulder-length hair?

The Layered Shoulder-Length Cut is versatile and enhances hair movement and volume.

Which face shapes suit shoulder-length hair?

Shoulder-length hair suits most face shapes, including oval, round, square, and heart-shaped.

What is the most popular business medium haircut?

The Textured Lob is the most popular medium-length haircut for business, offering easy maintenance and versatile styling.

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