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Dirty Blonde Hairstyles 2019

Last updated on April 6th, 2019

Dirty blonde hairstyles is quite popular among women right now and it’s on trend in 2019. The hairstyle is mixture of medium blonde hair color with a hint of darker tones. By adding a dark tone, your hair with look awesome. This hairstyles give you beautiful look if you follow proper hair care. Specially, women with darken skin, looks fantastic with this hairstyle. But, don’t worry it’s suit on all types of skin. Here, we are sharing best dirty blonde hairstyles for women which, you gonna love to try.

Dirty Blonde Hairstyles

If you wanna try dirty blonde hairstyles? then, it’s good decision. Don’t think that, it’s looks nice only on spring season. You can use this hairstyle any time of the year without worrying. If you have darken hair, you can achieve easily but, if not you can try balayane or foil coloring technique. Here, are some of the best dirty blonde hairstyles, check it out.

1. Dirty Blench Blonde

Dirty blench blonde is one of the famous hairstyle right now. It’s gives you cool look like white snow and suitable on all types of skin. After using this hairstyle it’s enhance your eyes, especially on blue or grey eyes.

2. Light Dirty Blonde

Wanna look like a baby? Then, this hairstyle for you. Light dirty blonde gives you beautiful look and looks pretty on any skin tone.

3. Ashy Blonde With Dark Roots

This hair looks cool on women’s with short hair. It’s looks dark on the top and likes a snow in the bottom. But, you need to maintain your hair carefully, if you apply this hairstyle. Also, it’s cost you extra time, money and need to visit salon after every 8 to 10 weeks.

4. Wavy Hair With Dirty Blonde Highlights

This hairstyle give you unique look to your hair like a water fall. If you wanna test something new with your hair, try this one. The hairstyle is a perfect for any age’s women and looks beautiful on any type of faces.

5. Dark Roots With Sun Kissed Highlights

Womens’ with long hair can try this hairstyle. It’s gives a beautiful looks on your hair, you can archive this hairstyle by balayage or coloring. It’s little bit costly because you need to maintain your hair, you can only use branded shampoo and conditioner, which are not comes with sulfate.

6. Natural Dirty Blonde For Short Hair

This hairstyle is a mixture of natural regrowth by incorporating foilayage along with a root smudge. If you don’t care about applying color on your hair then, this is hairstyle for you. Specially, women with short hairs and way hair can try this hairstyle.

7. Beachy Blonde Balayage

This is one of the best balayage hairstyle, it’s easy to style and looks nice on any skin tone. A dark to light dirty blonde hairstyle, that every women want to try right now. If you’re one of them, go for it.

8. Dirty Platinum Blonde

Do you wanna look like a gold? Why not. This hairstyle shining like a metallic when you’re under the light. This hairstyle looks awesome on all types of hair.

9. Reverse Ombre

Highly recommended hairstyle for brunette girl, if you wanna look beautiful and unique. This hairstyle gives you fabulous look to your hair and perfect for short and long length hairs.

10. Brown Hair With Dirty Blonde Ends

Do you have dark brown hair and wanna do something new? Then, this hairstyle for you. Make little transition to your hair from ends with dirty blonde texture.

So, this are some of the best dirty blonde hairstyles for women which are famous in all over the world right now. We will update new hair style, once we find something new. If you have short hairs, check out article on short haircuts for women.

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