Hairstyles for Thin Hair with Men

Top Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair: Boost Volume and Style


If you’re dealing with thin hair, you might feel like your options are limited. However, the truth is that many hairstyles can work wonderfully with thin hair. The key is to find a style that suits your hair type and personal preference. In this guide, we’ll walk you through some of the best hairstyles for men with thin hair, ensuring you look sharp and feel confident.
Before we jump into the hairstyles, it’s important to understand what thin hair is and why it happens. Thin hair can result from genetics, ageing, stress, or even certain medical conditions. While you can’t change your genetics, you can choose hairstyles that make the most of what you’ve got.

Key Characteristics of Thin Hair:
  • Less density: Fewer hair strands per square inch of scalp.
  • Finer texture: Each strand is thinner and more fragile.
  • Prone to scalp visibility: More scalp may be visible, especially in bright light.

Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair

Now that we have a better understanding of thin hair, let’s explore some of the best hairstyles that can make thin hair look thicker and more voluminous.

1. The Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut for Men with Thin Hair: Simple, Stylish, and Low Maintenance


A buzz cut is a classic and low-maintenance option for men with thin hair. This style involves trimming the hair very short, almost to the scalp. It works well because it reduces the contrast between the hair and scalp, making thin areas less noticeable.

2. The Crew Cut

Men's crew cut hairstyle for thin hair - stylish, low-maintenance look perfect for fine hair types


The crew cut is another short hairstyle that can work wonders for thin hair. It’s slightly longer on top than the buzz cut, giving you a bit more styling flexibility. The sides are typically tapered short, which adds to the overall neat and clean appearance.

3. The Textured Crop

Textured crop haircut for men with thin hair - grooming tips.


The textured crop is a trendy and modern hairstyle that adds volume and movement to thin hair. Adding layers and texture gives this haircut the appearance of fuller hair. Use a matte styling product to enhance the texture without adding too much shine, which can make thin hair appear even thinner.

4. The Side Part

Side part hairstyle for thin hair - men's grooming.


A classic side part can be a sophisticated and elegant choice for men with thin hair. By parting your hair to one side, you can create a fuller look on top. Use a volumizing mousse or styling gel to add lift at the roots and maintain the part throughout the day.

5. The Faux Hawk

Men's grooming: Faux hawk haircut for thin hair.


The faux hawk is a bold and edgy option that can make thin hair for men appear fuller. This style features short sides with longer hair on top, styled upwards into a peak. The height and structure of the faux hawk draw attention away from thinning areas and create an overall impression of thicker hair.

6. The Comb Over

Stylish comb over haircut for men with thin hair


The comb-over is a versatile and timeless thin hairstyle for men that can suit men with thin hair. By sweeping the hair to one side, you can cover thinning areas and add volume. It’s important to avoid a slick, overly gelled look; instead, opt for a lightweight styling product to keep the hair in place without making it look greasy.

7. The Short Quiff

Short quiff hairstyle for men with thin hair - grooming tips.


In thin hair for men the  short quiff is a stylish and youthful option for men with thin hair. This style involves keeping the sides short and adding volume to the top by styling it upwards and slightly back. The quiff adds height and texture, making the hair look fuller and more dynamic.

Styling Tips for Men with Thin Hair

Selecting the appropriate hairstyle is only the beginning. To keep your thin hair looking its best, follow these practical styling tips:

Use the Right Products

Option for lightweight, volumizing products that won’t make your hair feel heavy. Avoid heavy gels and waxes, as they can make thin hair appear greasy and flat. Instead, opt for mousses, texturing sprays, and matte pastes.

Keep It Clean

Regular washing is crucial for thin hair to remove excess oil and buildup that can make hair look limp. Use a gentle shampoo designed for thin or fine hair, and follow up with a lightweight conditioner to avoid weighing down your locks.

Avoid Over-Styling

Excessive use of heat tools and styling products can damage thin hair and make it look finer. Minimise the use of blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons. When you do use them, apply a heat protectant spray to reduce damage.

Embrace Natural Texture

Enhancing your hair’s natural texture can create a fuller look. Use a texturing spray or sea salt spray to add body and movement to your hair. Scrunch your hair with your fingers to create a tousled, natural effect.

Get Regular Trims

Consistent haircuts are crucial for keeping your hairstyle in good shape and healthy. Schedule trims every 4-6 weeks to keep your hair looking fresh and to prevent split ends.

Hair Care Products to Consider

To help you achieve and maintain your chosen hairstyle, consider incorporating these products into your routine:

 Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

A volumizing shampoo and conditioner can add body to thin hair without weighing it down. Look for products that are specifically formulated for fine or thinning hair.

Texturing Spray

A texturing spray can add grit and volume to your hair, making it easier to style and creating a fuller appearance. Apply it to damp or dry hair and scrunch with your fingers for a natural look.

Matte Styling Paste

A matte styling paste provides hold and texture without adding shine, which can make thin hair appear greasy. Use it to define your hairstyle and add volume to the roots.

Heat Protectant Spray

If you use heat tools, a heat protectant spray is a must. It shields your hair from heat damage and helps maintain its health and strength.


Thinning hair doesn’t have to hold you back from looking your best. By choosing the right hairstyle and following some practical styling tips, you can make your thin hair look fuller and more stylish. Whether you opt for a buzz cut, a textured crop, or a classic side part, the key is to embrace your hair and wear it with confidence. With the right approach, your thin hair can become a stylish statement that reflects your personality and flair.

Remember, the best thin hair for men is the one that makes you feel great. So go ahead, try out these styles, experiment with different products, and find the look that suits you best. You’ve got this!

FAQs          Hairstyles for Thin Hair with Men

What hairstyle is most suitable for men with thinning hair?

The best haircut for men with thin hair depends on individual preferences and hair type. Popular options include the buzz cut, crew cut, textured crop, side part, faux hawk, comb over, and short quiff. These styles help create the illusion of thicker hair by adding volume and reducing the visibility of the scalp.

How can I make my thin hair look thicker?

To make thin hair look thicker, choose hairstyles that add volume and texture, such as the textured crop or short quiff. Use volumizing and texturing hair products, avoid heavy gels and waxes, and consider blow-drying your hair with a round brush to add lift to the roots. Regular trims and proper hair care are also essential for maintaining a fuller appearance.

Are there any specific products I should use for thin hair?

Yes, using the right products is crucial for thin hair. Opt for volumizing shampoos and conditioners, texturing sprays, matte styling pastes, and lightweight mousses. Avoid heavy products that can weigh hair down and make it look greasy. It’s also advisable to use a heat protectant spray when using heat styling tools.

Can I use a blow dryer on thin hair?

Yes, you can use a blow dryer on thin hair, but be cautious to avoid excessive heat, which can cause damage. Use a heat protectant spray and a round brush to add volume and lift at the roots. Set the blow dryer on a low or medium heat setting to prevent overheating your hair.

How often should I get a haircut if I have thin hair?

Regular haircuts are important for maintaining the shape and health of your hairstyle. Aim to get a trim every 4-6 weeks to prevent split ends and keep your hair looking fresh and well-maintained.

Is it better to keep thin hair short or long?

Generally, shorter hairstyles tend to work better for thin hair because they create the illusion of more volume and reduce the contrast between the hair and scalp. However, if you prefer longer hair, opt for styles that add texture and movement to avoid a flat, limp appearance.

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